About Me


Hi, I'm Hollie

I am an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist. I completed a Bachelor of Science (Nutrition & Metabolism) and a Master of Nutrition and Dietetics at USYD.

I decided to study dietetics following my own struggles with food, Coeliac Disease and digestive health issues. I am driven by the ability to help people be at their healthiest, long-term. My focus is to empower you to understand your health and be resilient to the world of misinformation we live in. I look to support you, providing skills and knowledge to make realistic changes.

I encourage having a healthy relationship with food and don’t believe it should be a source of stress for you, only enjoyment. I won’t tell you to cut out all the foods you enjoy but show you how they fit into your lifestyle.

We are all different and nutrition is personal, so I focus on your lifestyle, experiences and circumstances. There is more than one way to be healthy, and so I consider all that makes you, you. Working together, I look to find the best approach for long-term success.